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Individual Handicap Knock-out 2017/18

Handicap Singles 2017/18 - Preliminary Round

1. O Hilbornehandicap but0 (Mill St) v C Drewitthandicap but10 (Gillingham B) 
2. C Langdonhandicap but12 (Gillingham C) v D Netherwayhandicap but18 (Shaston B)
3. W Goddardhandicap but20 (Coronation Club) v D Hammondhandicap but0 (Gillingham A)

To be played week commencing 11th December '17.

Handicap Singles 2017/18 - First Round

T Bealing (Coronation Club)handicap but 20 v N Greenwoodhandicap but6 (Shaston A)
D Dowdinghandicap but18 (Shaston B) v Prelim winner 1
S Thewhandicap but16 (Shaston A) v D Pontinghandicap but16 (Shaston B)
L Fryhandicap but10 (Blandford) v V Colehandicap but14 ( Shaston B)
L Diamondhandicap but16 (Gillingham C) v L Wildshandicap but10 ( Gillingham C)
D Bealinghandicap but6 (Gillingham B) v R Downeshandicap but18 (Blandford)
Prelim 2 v R Drewitthandicap but12 (Gillingham B)
J Dawsonhandicap but-2 (Gillingham A) v D Hammondhandicap but0 (Gillingham A)

To be played week commencing 15th january '18.