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Doubles Knock-out 2018/19

doubles knockout 2018/19 - Preliminary Round

1. V Cole/D Dowding (Shaston B) v D Netherway/D Ponting (Shaston B)
2. N Greenwood/S Thew (Shaston A) v D Bealing/L Wilds (Gillingham B)

To be played week commencing 28th january '19.

doubles knockout 2018/19 - quarter finals 

D Bealing/L Wilds (Gillingham B) v L Diamond/C Langdon (Gillingham C)
T Bealing/W Goddard (Coronation Club) v R Drewitt/C Drewitt (Gillingham B)

D Netherway/D Ponting (Shaston B) v J Dawson/J Snow
K Ball/S Ireland (Coronation Club) V R Hiscock/D Hammond (Gillingham A)

To be played week commencing 11th february '19.

all matches to be played on home players' home night.

doubles knockout 2018/19 - semi finals 

R Drewitt/C Drewitt (Gillingham B) v J Dawson/J Snow  

K Ball/S Ireland (Coronation Club) v D Bealing/L Wilds
to be played at Shaston Social Club Monday 29th April 7:30pm

doubles knockout 2018/19 - final

D Bealing/L Wilds v  J Dawson/J Snow 
To be played tuesday 7th may '19 at 7:30pm